Spindletop Founder Loy D. "Butch" Griffin 1939-1984
Spindletop Founder
Loy D. “Butch” Griffin

Spindletop Charities, Inc. celebrated its 50th anniversary at the 41st annual Spindletop Holiday Ball in 2014, and continued its Golden Jubilee Celebration through the 50th annual Spindletop Oilmen’s Golf Tournament in 2015.

Spindletop Charities, Inc. (also known as Spindletop International) is a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit corporation and was founded in 1965 by a young professional in the energy service industry, Loy D. “Butch” Griffin. His vision was to build an organization promoting goodwill and fellowship within the oil and gas industry while benefiting children “in need.” Griffin chose the name “Spindletop” to ensure the charity would be synonymous with the oil and gas industry. Today, more than 50 years later and because of a solid foundation, Spindletop continues to make significant contributions to area youth charities.

Golden Jubilee Highlights
Spindletop Holiday Ball

Past Spindletop award honorees were recognized during the Spindletop Holiday Ball. The evening proved to be a wonderful reunion for the attending individuals.


The Mr. Spindletop Award, was created in 1976 to honor an individual within the exploration or production sector of the industry. Pictured are (right to left, top row): Jack Schanck, Raymond Wilcox, Michael Weill, Suane Radtke, James Payne, and William Berry. (right to left, bottom row); Charles Davidson, Ali Moshiri, Ryan Lance, and Orville Gaither.

The Don Waggener Award was created in 1977 to honor an individual within the service sector of the industry. The name was later changed to include the memory of Spindletop’s founder. The past recipients attending the event were (left to right, top row): Galen Cobb, Joe Hudson, Sheldon Erikson, M.E. Eagles, Pete Miller, Jack Moore and David Williams. (left to right, bottom row): David Johnson, James Day, James Bryan, Peter Kinnear, Alan Baker, Chad Deaton, Joe Netherland and Dean Taylor

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Golden Jubilee Highlights
50th Annual Spindletop Oilmen’s Golf Tournament

The Mayor of Houston proclaimed May 1, 2015 Spindletop International Day in honor of Spindletop’s 50th anniversary and the continued support to youth charities fueled by the generosity of the oil and gas industry.