Spindletop Community Impact Partners connects at-risk youth to resources that educate, empower, protect and nurture them throughout their life’s journey.

Spindletop Giving Pillars

        • Educate: Bolster foundational education resources to prepare children for all levels of schooling
        • Empower: Inspire youth to become confident, self-aware individuals using life skills that strengthen social and emotional development
        • Protect: Advocate for children’s safety and security within our community
        • Nurture: Rise above disability and illness enabling individuals to live healthy, capable lives

Spindletop relies on the extraordinary work of our non-profit community partners to make its impact on our community’s at-risk children. Each year, funding is awarded to a variety of organizations that help move each pillar forward and in turn lead these special down new paths to brighter, healthier and happier futures.


Spindletop Wants to Hear From You If you are a non-profit serving the greater Houston community and your mission and vision aligns with Spindletop’s, we would love to connect with you! Please contact us, and let’s explore the synergies we may have to collectively improve the lives of Houston’s greatest resource – our children.

To give away money is an easy matter and in any man’s power. But to decide to whom to give it and how large and when, and for what purpose and how, is neither in every man’s power nor an easy matter.