Make A Difference

From STEM Days to arts & crafts to mentoring and more, our volunteers have the opportunity to work with at-risk kids throughout our community. These individuals span across the oil and gas industry and have a passion for volunteering and helping others.

The Spindletop Emerging Leader Steering Committee has been hard at work to create the Spindletop Army of volunteers. Their dedication has taken the program to great heights, enlisting nearly 200 volunteers to participate in projects at Spindletop-supported charities.

Volunteers spanning across the oil and gas industry have come together for a common cause – to help at-risk children in the greater Houston community. Through these service projects, they have had the opportunity to mentor, educate, comfort and support children of all ages and provide fun programming for the children to enjoy, including STEM education, horticulture, arts & crafts and storytelling. It is truly inspiring to see these rising leaders in the industry join forces to continue the legacy of Spindletop through their volunteerism.

Interested in volunteering? For more information, please contact Spindletop Community Impact Partners Executive Director Lia Vallone.

Want to hear about our volunteer efforts in the community? Browse the latest updates on our News Page.

I really enjoyed my first year as a Spindletop Emerging Leader. I had the opportunity to lead several projects including YDC STEM Day, Casa de Esperanza play date and our Flagship Unity in Community.

It was so rewarding to see the joy on children’s faces and to be able to make a difference in their lives, and it helps to know that we are also contributing financially to their needs as well. I am proud to be a part of this organization.

— Alicia Chalmers, Spindletop Emerging Leader Steering Committee