Throughout Spindletop’s history, there have been many special projects funded to support youth and community.  Highlighted in this section are projects that have evolved in recent years or continue to make a difference in the lives of our youth.

Spindletop Youth Charity Projects

Youth Development Center

Spindletop Library and Playground

Youth Development Center opens a new Library and Playground in memory of Orville and Margaret Gaither with donations from the family and match Dollars from Spindletop Charities.

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YMCA of Greater Houston

Spindletop Continues Support of YMCA of Greater Houston

Spindletop Charities is proud to continue to support YMCA of Greater Houston in a variety of initiatives, programs, and projects.

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Houston Achievement Place

Spindletop Underwrites Michael Gets Mad

Spindletop provides funding for Michael Gets Mad, the first book in a series on core-foundation social skills for children.

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Crime Stoppers of Houston

Spindletop Safe School Institute Webinar Series

The Spindletop Board of Directors approved a $275,000 pledge to underwrite the first-of-its-kind Safe School Institute webinar series

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Texas Hearing Institute

The Spindletop Playground

Spindletop has sponsored the Spindletop Playground at the nationally renowned Center for Hearing and Speech’s new Melinda Webb School School with a $250,000 pledge

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Sam Houston Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

Spindletop BBQ Trailers

The infamous Spindletop Cook Team volunteers were a tradition at the Spindletop Oilmen’s Golf Tournament from the early 1970’s until 2014. You couldn’t find better barbecue in Texas than at Spindletop! The cuisine was prepared in the unique custom built 45 ft Spindletop BBQ Trailer. In 2014 the Cook Team was retired and the trailers were donated to the Sam Houston Area Council –Boy Scouts of America. The legacy of Spindletop will continue through the Boy Scouts!

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Camp For All

Equestrian Program Support

Camp For All is the only truly barrier free camp working throughout the year in partnership with more than 60 nonprofit organizations to help bring the joy of camping to more than 10,000 campers each year. These children all have challenging illnesses and special needs, such as spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries and cancer.

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The Center for Hearing and Speech

Via Colori & Audiology Equipment

The Center of Hearing and Speech has been the central resource for identification and intervention services, and the sole provider of oral education for children with hearing impairments. Teaching deaf children to speak, listen and read is possible because of innovative technology, and successful because of highly qualified staff and determined families.

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The Monarch Institute

Spindletop Promethean Boards

The Monarch School provides innovative and therapeutic education for children with neurological differences. Students with expressive language disorders and graphomotor limitations are now able to express themselves using the technology of the Promethean Boards, which were installed in each classroom thanks to the funding by Spindletop in 2011 and again in 2013. The interactive nature of these board increase student motivation, academic skills and social development.

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Odyssey House Texas

Spindletop Property Donation & Operations

In 1984 Spindletop received a generous gift of property in Harris County which included a 15,500 square-foot warehouse/office facility along with an acre an acre of land. After a study was conducted, the Spindletop Board of Trustees concluded that a comprehensive residential treatment center was needed in Harris County for teenagers who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and trying to stay clean and sober. Odyssey House was a successful national model so Spindletop donated the property and Odyssey House - Houston became the first of its kind in the State.

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