Spindletop Youth Charity Project

Texas Hearing Institute

Supported by spindletop charities since 2019

The nationally renowned Center for Hearing and Speech serves as the most comprehensive resource for pediatric hearing loss in Texas, and it is the only facility to offer health services and spoken language education for hearing-impaired children. Research indicates that children who are born deaf or who lose their hearing very early in life can progress at age-appropriate rates with their hearing peers, especially if intervention begins before six months of age. Delays in diagnosis and intervention can be the difference between overcoming their disability and facing a lifelong struggle to communicate.

The Center is building a new campus near Houston’s medical center, and Spindletop has joined the collaboration by sponsoring the Spindletop Playground at its new Melinda Webb School School with a $250,000 pledge. This expanded educational campus will also feature a leading pediatric hospital that for the first time will be onsite for its research program for pediatric hearing loss. The campus and playground should be completed in 2020.


“The Center is there for all hearing-impaired kids. A large portion of the Center’s clients start with a socioeconomic disadvantage. The Center has skilled, caring compassionate professionals who walk beside all the children and their parents in the journey to a mainstream world.”

— CHRISTINA HOLLAND, Murphy Exploration & Production Co.